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Listen To The Band

A weekly program (or is it "programme"?) of brass band music produced by the BBC. You'll need the Real Audio player to hear it. You can get the Real Audio player here.

The Brass Band Portal

A huge brass band resource. Includes music, downloads, articles, directories and all sorts of other great stuff about the brass band scene!

4Bars Rest

The online brass band magazine. One of the most visited brass band sites on the Internet.

British Bandsman

Another British brass band webzine. Mostly news of the British band world, but worth a visit.

Harrogate Brass Band Reference

All sorts of reference material on brass band history, management and music. A large site.

Guca Brass Band Music Festival--Serbia

A different sort of brass band festival held in Serbia. The event held in 2004 attracted a half-million visitors. Check out the audio clips under the Music Download link!

Eugene Symphonic Band

Not a brass band, but the web home of Eugene's oldest wind band.

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