Roger Rush, Director

Who We Are

We're a group of Eugene-Springfield area adult musicians who, in the spring of 2003, formed a genuine British-style brass band. We also play brass music for smaller brass ensembles.

Note that we're a Brass band; no clarinets, oboes or saxophones. No trumpets or "French" horns, either. Lots of cornets, alto horns and other assorted brass. Everyone (except for the bass trombone) reads treble clef transposed in either E-flat or B-flat. Yes--even the tubas.

We play exciting music composed by some of the big names, such as Holst, Grainger, Vaughan Williams and Ireland.

And we have a great deal of fun!

The Oregon Brass Society is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.

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